The magic seasoning

Auteur: David W. Russel
Uitgeverij: Mill City Press, Maitland, Florida
ISBN: 9781545616154
Bindwijze: Hardcover
Afmetingen: 23,4 x 16 x 2,5 cm
Gewicht: 907 gram
Aantal Pagina’s: 387 blz
Jaar: 2017
Druk: 1e druk
Taal: Engels
Categorie: Biografieën & Waargebeurd



The iconic bottle on the cover needs no introduction: People in over 100 countries instantly recognize the teardrop-shaped bottle with the little red cap and know that it identifies one of the world’s favorite condiments–Kikkoman soy sauce. However, most people know nothing of the fascinating story behind the company that has been making it in the same way for over 300 years. ”The Magic Seasoning: A Global Search for Flavor” is much more than a book about the world’s most popular condiment. It is the story of a family-owned business that grew into a global company yet never lost the core values that underpinned its success for generations. The story spans four centuries and six continents. In modern times there is unexpected drama, as the young scion of this ancient line concludes that the survival of his family’s business will require gambling everything on a daring venture that almost no one understands or approves of. If he is wrong, the company that his ancestors built may disappear. If he is right, the little food business may grow into a global giant, with offices around the world and a product that adorns kitchen tables from Manhattan to Manila and everywhere in between. The tale of Kikkoman’s worldwide success is more than a story about a seasoning that has become an integral part of global cuisine. It is also the story of a warm, principled, family-oriented style of business that has transformed communities around the world.

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Afmetingen 23,4 × 16 × 2,5 cm

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