The courage to be happy

Auteur: Ichiro Kishimi en Fumitake Koga
Uitgeverij: Allen & Unwain, London
ISBN: 9781911630227
Bindwijze: Softcover
Afmetingen: 13 x 20 x 1,9 cm
Gewicht: 245 gram
Aantal Pagina’s: 252 blz
Jaar: 2020
Druk: 2e druk
Taal: Engels
Categorie: Psychologie



Engelstalig. The sequel to the global bestseller The Courage To Be Disliked, the Japanese phenomenon in applying twentieth-century psychology to contemporary dilemmas continues with life-changing advice on finding happiness. As with The Courage To Be Disliked, we follow a conversation between a philosopher and a young man. The philosopher believes the key to a life of happiness and fulfilment lies in changing the way we think. Patiently, he explains to the doubtful young man the ‘psychology of courage’, taking him through the mental steps necessary to achieve it, and demonstrating the changes it will bring to the way we live our lives.

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Afmetingen 13 × 20 × 1,9 cm

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