Japanese graphics now!

Auteur: Gisela Kozak & Julius Wiedemann
Uitgeverij: Taschen, Köln
ISBN: 9783822850886
Bindwijze: Hardcover met omslag
Afmetingen: 23 x 18 x 4 cm
Gewicht: 1277 gram
Aantal Pagina’s: 351 blz
Jaar: 2006
Druk: 25e druk
Taal: Engelstalig
Categorie: Kunst & Fotografie



Engelstalig. Exploding with eye-popping originality and freshness, today’s best Japanese graphics have been gathered together to make this must-have guide to contemporary aesthetics in Japan. With their unique perspective, the Japanese have a way of looking at the world that has long been a source of great interest for the Western mind. Here, Japan’s most talented creative professionals strut their stuff in the form of posters, advertisements, print media, visual identity, and print design. Divided into chapters by media type, this highly visual guide presents a diverse selection of graphics and includes an index of designers, complete with website addresses and contact information.

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Gewicht 1,277 kg
Afmetingen 23 × 18 × 4 cm

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